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Graham 'Skroo' Turner was raised near Stanthorpe, and trained as a veterinary surgeon. In 1973, he and two mates bought a couple of double-decker buses in England and began a holiday travel company, Top Deck Travel.

Even GFC clouds have a silver lining…

gfcMention the GFC and what springs to mind? Friends and family losing their jobs, government austerity and household belt-tightening? You wouldn’t be alone there. But for one Flight Centre Executive, he looks back on the GFC and sees it as an invaluable learning experience, one that has had a huge impact on his career.

Andrew Flannery has been a Flight Centre employee for 10 years. He was just two months into the role of acting Chief Financial Officer (CFO) when the GFC hit. Talk about being thrown in at the deep end.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience weathering the GFC storm:

“It was definitely a baptism of fire and I made plenty of mistakes. But I believe I had five years of learning packed into one. I’m a much better CFO for having gone through it.


Flight Centre Takes Off With New Brisbane Hyperstore

FLIGHT Centre is expanding its retail network, with the company’s largest Australian store set to open in the heart of Brisbane.


The company, which has just revealed record profit and sales results for 2012/13,

has announced plans to bolster its normal shop growth by opening a flagship location in the city’s Queen Street Mall this September.

The flagship 114 Queen Street store, known internally as a hyperstore, has been secured on a five-year lease and will be the second of its kind in Australia.

Flight Centre’s first Australian hyperstore opened in Perth’s Hay Street Mall last year.

Flight Centre Australia executive general manager Tom Walley said the new Queen Street hyperstore would eventually house up to 70 sales consultants spread across a total footprint of 580 square metres, making it 10-12 times the size of a standalone Flight Centre retail store.


Family, Village, Tribe – The Evolution of Flight Centre – Updated.

On the 1st of July we released an updated version of the Flight Centre story. For more information please visit:

Book Summary:Book Cover

How Stone Age strategies turned a single store into a billion-dollar global corporation.

From its origins as a London-based double-decker tour outfit in 1973, Flight Centre Limited (FCL) has morphed from a single retail store into a multi-billion dollar publicly-listed global company. It revolutionised the Australian travel industry, only to have to then face conflicts such as the Gulf War, September 11, SARS, and the War On Terror – all of which wreaked havoc in travel and tourism worldwide.



LamaFLIGHT Centre Limited (ASX: FLT) and Intrepid Travel have announced a new structure for their adventure travel joint venture My Adventure Store.

My Adventure Store has operated under joint ownership since 2008, however the agreement will see FLT take ownership of My Adventure Store in Australia while Intrepid becomes a key preferred product suppliers to the network.

The 17 stores that make up the agreement will be divided between the two companies with FLT taking on My Adventure Store in Australia, Canada and Wellington, while Intrepid retains the Auckland and Islington stores as part of its branded concept store model. Read More >>

Jude’s Bike Crash – have the Right Travel Insurance!

My wife Jude and I, with 10 friends 2 weeks ago started on what has become an annual European
Mountain Bike ride. This year it was iJuden Tuscany, Italy starting in Sienna and going for about 300 kms on back roads and in hilly terrain. Two days into the ride Jude had a serious bike accident.

Below is the story and sequence of events including her Medivac to London. As I say here, the importance of good Travel Insurance is paramount. Today and back in Australia, 10 days later Jude has made a great progress but full recovery will take probably another 12 months. Read More >>

Aussie Public Transport Eight Times More Expensive Than Business Class Air Travel Per Kilometre

Travellers taking off to London in business class are paying almost one eighth of the price per kilometre than the typical capital city commuter, as airfare 

 prices plunge and public transport costs sky-rocket.

Flight Centre has compared the cost of public transport options in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to a typical business class airfare from Sydney to London, priced at $7028* per person. The findings show that travellers headed for Heathrow can kick back in the comfort of a lay-flat bed from just 20 cents per kilometre, whereas the average price for a commuter who is catching a train, tram or ferry is a whopping $1.50 per kilometre for travel that is only 5km outside the CBD.

Flying to London is cheaper per kilometre than city public transport


Top Deck Daze

Top Deck Daze by Bill James is now available on itunes.


Top Deck Daze

In Top Deck Daze, Bill James tells the hilarious, true story of how Graham ‘Screw’ Turner establishes a bus touring company using old converted double-decker buses. From humble beginnings in 1973 London, Screw, together with a gang of colonial larrikins, builds up a 100-strong fleet of ‘deckers’. Follow the antics of Screw, Spy, Bill Speaking, Wombat, Filthy, Grilly, Budgie, the mysterious Graham James Lloyd and other incorrigible crew members as they lead their unsuspecting punters on riotous escapades to far flung, exotic corners of the world. The chaos that was Top Deck Travel lays the foundation for Flight Centre. Screw, through his dogged determination builds the company into a hugely successful, multi-million dollar travel empire.

Farewell to Matthew Fealy – Team Leader for Corporate After Hours Assist.

I recently received a very positive email from one of our After Hours Assist Team Leaders, who’s decided to leave FCL for a 6 month trip around Australia with his family and promote the importance of Aussie Farmers. His story is below and we wish him all the best with his travels. Skroo.

Wow, 10years! When I accidentally got off on the wrong floor in 157 Ann St 10 years ago, I had no idea what a glorious mistake it would be.

Here I was, fresh off the plane from a 5 week holiday though the USA and Mexico, well and truly bitten by the travel bug. Amazingly I was meeting a recruitment agency who shared the building with FCL to talk about jobs in travel. I misread the building directory in the foyer, and got off on the FCL recruitment centre floor instead. After successfully (I assume) selling Kerry Sneesby an apple (or was it a pencil, I can’t remember) I was hired!


flight plan fuel surcharges

Oil Price Plunge Fuels New Call For Surcharge Cuts

AUSTRALIA’S leading travel agency group has called for airlines to reduce their fuel surcharges in response to falling global oil and jet fuel prices.

Flight Centre Limited managing director Graham Turner said recent jet fuel reductions, which had seen prices fall to the lowest levels in more than 12 months, should lead to widespread changes to airlines’ complicated fuel surcharge structures.