About Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner

About Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner


Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner was raised near Stanthorpe, and trained as a veterinary surgeon. In 1973, he and two mates bought a couple of double-decker buses in England and began a holiday travel company, Top Deck Travel. With only a bus load of energy, entrepreneurship and youthful exuberance, they organised bus tours to the continent and parts of North Africa. By 1980 the business had a fleet of seventy to eighty buses. Old Top Deckers still look back on those times with enormous pleasure, celebrated in the book Top Deck Daze.
In 1981, Skroo returned to Australia and established the Flight Centre travel business. It was an opportune moment as the airline ticketing industry had recently been deregulated, allowing the sale of discounted tickets for the first time. Under Skroo’s dynamic leadership Flight Centre took off, providing the cheapest possible pricing, deriving profits from the volume of sales.

Skroo floated the company in 1995, as much to allow employees to become part owners of the business as to raise capital. Fifty percent of the staff bought shares.

Graham Turner – In recognition of creating Australia’s leading domestic and international travel sales business through outstanding entrepreneurship and innovation.
Graham Turner is not your usual corporate leader.  He remains down to earth without the need to surround himself with the trappings of his success. The financial bottom line at Flight Centre is important, but it has been achieved because Skroo also believes in empowering employees, rewarding initiative and fostering the spirit of a large tribe throughout the company. There are no extra perks for senior executives at Flight Centre unless everyone gets them.

Flight Centre has prospered, despite the Global Financial Crisis: in August 2010 its market capitalisation was $1.9 billion. The company is now truly international, operating approximately two thousand agencies and businesses in eleven countries, with 8000 staff. While Flight Centre is the flagship brand, the company has expanded into specialised markets under a range of brand names.

Shareholders will be more than pleased that Graham Turner hopes to continue at the helm of the business for years to come. His nickname, Skroo, acquired as a school boy, derives from the then famous Turner brand of screw drivers. In making an outstanding contribution to business in Queensland and Australia, Skroo has demonstrated great vision, high energy and entrepreneurial spirit.

2 thoughts on “About Graham ‘Skroo’ Turner

  1. Scott

    Hi Graham,
    I work for Dixon Homes. We are the largest builder in QLD and have franchises in NSW, VIC and NZ and we currently use flight centre as our preffered travel agent. I was hoping to talk to you about a conference we are having where we would like you to do a small talk for us. If you shoot me an email to the one I have supplied you with your contact number I will give you a call to discuss further.

  2. Andrew Fenwick

    Hi Skroo

    Firstly I saw the blog about your wife’s crash. I hope she is coming through it now ok and the stress of it all hasn’t caused too much trauma.

    The purpose of my contact is to ask for your help to solve a post trip problem that isn’t being resolved at a local level and will see us significantly out of pocket as a result of a booking error. This was our first trip with Flightcentre and was expecting it to be the first of many. Not so sure now.

    I can be contacted directly at andrew.fenwick.newcastle(at)gmail.com

    Look forward to hearing from your office.




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