New Emerging Leader Program helps FCTG employees step up into senior positions!

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Developed to ensure that the talent in the Senior Leadership Teams is passed on to the next generation of Flight Centre Staff, the very first Emerging Leader program received a massive response from aspiring Leaders within the Flight Centre Travel Group.

Implemented by Carole Cooper the Executive General Manager at Peopleworks and Mel Armstrong Peopleworks Leader – Business Services (Finance, Marketing, Property & Procurement), this unique program attracted 480 applications and 80 participants in the program that is held over a 12 month period.

To be a mentor, Flight Centre Travel Group employees from all over the organisation were required to be at an Area Leader level or above, and had to be nominated by their own leader. This quality control measure led to 80 mentor assignments, including that of Skroo himself, who mentored a Team Leader from a store in Melbourne.

The program coordinators matched people in cross business sectors, with retail staff matched with support staff (and vice versa). During the program mentors met with their program partners every month, face to face or alternatively over the phone if interstate.

Mentee Michael Scholz found his experience with mentor Sue Renick very helpful:

“It is so good to have someone like Sue to bounce ideas off, she helped me most recently with my planning day which was a great success!”

As an added benefit, Mentors have also gained positive experiences through the program. Carole explains:

“Watching my mentee grow and develop as a leader over the past 8 months has been a mutually rewarding experience.  Not only have I had the chance to guide my mentee through a move to lead a new store, I have had firsthand exposure to what is happening in the front end – it really has been a positive experience for both of us.”

Since the beginning of the program 26% of the mentees have already stepped up into a leadership or more senior position – a great result for the program in its debut year. The program is scheduled to finish in October, and most mentors have offered to continue to support their partners after this date.

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