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Become Part of a Bigger Picture with Travel Money Oz

On the forefront of innovations in the Australian Currency Services industry, Travel Money Oz is dedicated to giving both their customers and their employees’ outstanding experiences is their 77 stores across Australia.

Born out of an acquisition in 2006, and known then as Nationwide Currency Services, Travel Money Oz (TMOZ) has grown from nine stores across Australia to 77 stores in just eight short years. With growth profits increasing by over 30% in the last year and a further five stores planned to open before the end of this financial year, TMOZ is set to grow their number of employees from 195 to a whopping 245 in the coming year across their standalone stores, implant stores and kiosks.

Knowing that outstanding employees are the foundation of their business, TMOZ bucks the trend in the Australian Currency Services Industry by offering their employees a unique support structure, allowing each employee to become part of a bigger picture within both Travel Money Oz and the wider Flight Centre Travel Group. Often employees within this industry work alone, but at Travel Money Oz their staff gain access to support from over 195 fellow employees, and receive lots of learning opportunities to develop leadership skills and progress to a brighter future within the business.
With their sights set on becoming the number one foreign exchange retailer, not just in size but in terms of the experiences they deliver to their customers and people, TMOZ knows that it takes the very best people, the very best training and the very best product to get there.

Each TMOZ employee is a specialist in customer persuasion and is committed to creating exceptional experiences for their customers by becoming part of their customer’s story, exploring the best travel money solution and delivering a result that is memorable for the right reasons.

Speaking with General Manager at TMOZ Dion Jensen, he recalls a recent time when one of his employees went above and beyond to deliver an outstanding experience for a customer:

“We had a store in Victoria that had recently opened and a customer kept coming back every day enquiring about the price of euros, and this had been going on for a number of weeks. The consultant asked the man if there was a price that he would be happy with, and that he could save him the many trips to the store by calling him as soon as it hit his desired rate.
A week later our consultant called, and the customer came in to exchange the money that day. It turns out that the $150,000 he had to exchange was an inheritance that was to be used to take his whole family over to Italy for a special trip.”

Offering a world first best rate guarantee, and the very first online/in store method in the industry, for those that are looking to sell an innovative product and join a supportive company Travel Money Oz is a great choice.

Travel Money Oz Team Members at the Leadership Conference

Travel Money Oz Team Members at the Leadership Conference








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