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Shannon Stacey TDF 2013Often seen side-by-side with customers cheering “you can do this, keep going!” the team at Flight Centre Active Travel are all for the explorers, the participators, the fitness junkies and the give-it-a-goers. The brain child of Flight Centre Travel Group veterans Shannon Stacey and Tod Horton, Active Travel was developed to serve people who wish to partake in mass participation events, from charity groups and athletes, to individuals and families.

Providing packages for activities and events such as the New York Marathon, the Kokoda Trail, and the Tour De France, Shannon says that a lot of his customers are first timers:

“They come for a number of reasons; some have weight loss goals or personal reasons behind it, whilst others wish to raise awareness about a certain illness or cause. Whatever the motivation we know that anyone can do these events!

One story in particular comes to mind, a pair of brothers came into our Adelaide store – they knew they needed to change their health and challenged themselves to lose 42kgs by running 42kms. Having set their hearts on the New York Marathon, we came to the table and secured their tickets to the marathon, booked their flights, accommodation and supporting travel. They didn’t have a large budget, but they came to us with a goal so we made it happen.”

Shannon and the team at Active Travel always encourage customers of all ages and from all walks of life to break free of their comfort zones:

“We had a 60 year old dentist from Sydney ring up and book accommodation for the Melbourne Marathon. Never really being a runner, at the age of 60 this was his first marathon and a Dr had recommended that he take up running to loosen his limbs and alleviate his arthritis. We followed him up afterwards and he said he had such a good time, so much so that in the following months he did six more marathons with us – including Paris and Rome!”

Starting the operation in Adelaide as a manager and sole sales agent, Shannon quickly grew the office to a three person team, and within six months opened up another office in Brisbane, growing the number of staff to 11. With huge growth plans on the horizon, Active Travel is set to open up a Melbourne office on the 16th of June 2014. Following this in the next 12-16 months Shannon has his sights set on opening international Active Travel offices in Asia and Europe – broadening the brands’ footprint to tap into the active events market even further.

“One of the greatest aspects of working at Active Travel is that our consultants have the opportunity to experience the product first hand and many can be seen rubbing shoulders with customers at mass participation events all over the world!”


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