It’s nearly Xmas!

Dec13 Santa and SkrooHopefully many of you realise it is nearly Christmas. After Christmas (which this year is on the 25th December) is New Year which falls on the first January in 2014.

So what’s happening in 2014 at FCTG?

I reckon one of the biggest things for us at FCTG in 2014 will be the move from being a Travel Agent to what we call a “world class retailer of travel” (Leisure and business).

The 7 themes we need to implement to get there are:-

  • Specialisation through our different Brands;
  • Building or making  our own product – not just using our suppliers;
  • Being real experts in our specialisation;
  • Our shops and working spaces are true retail selling spaces;
  • Giving our customers a Blended (online or offline) experience so they have the choice on how to access our services;
  • Knowing our customer and exactly what they want; and 
  • Being a true sales and marketing machine.  
So have a great Xmas and New Year and don’t drink or eat too much. Lets see what 2014 brings but I feel present indications show it will be a pretty good year for FCTG in all of the 11 countries we operate in.

Seven months (almost) to get to Macau!

Good Luck and let’s think of our customer in terms of what we would like everyone in FCTG to give to our favourite Granny.


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