The Hyperstore Concept for Flight Centre UK

HyperstoreThe Hyperstore is the model of the future and is designed to overcome the inherent weaknesses in a single shop model. The Hyperstore will deliver consistent customer experience through strong high traffic locations, extended opening hours, higher staff numbers which means greater expertise, increased leadership and more prominent branding and merchandising due to the size of the single location.

Across the UK we have 10 Flight Centre Brand Hyperstores, employing 168 consultants and by 2017 we’ll have replaced more boutique retail shops and over 665 consultants will work within the Hyperstores.

Flagships will be used to drive the FCB product growth strategy. So for example FCB will use Flagships to spearhead the sales of Cruise, Adventure & Long Haul Holidays. There will be dedicated branding and marketing in the windows and in-store which may use other niche brands to promote our expertise in these products/services/destinations.

The Hyperstores will hold regular coordinated events that enable and encourage customers to visit our stores. These will be nationally and locally marketed and will be aligned with national marketing campaigns.

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