Farewell to Matthew Fealy – Team Leader for Corporate After Hours Assist.

I recently received a very positive email from one of our After Hours Assist Team Leaders, who’s decided to leave FCL for a 6 month trip around Australia with his family and promote the importance of Aussie Farmers. His story is below and we wish him all the best with his travels. Skroo.

Wow, 10years! When I accidentally got off on the wrong floor in 157 Ann St 10 years ago, I had no idea what a glorious mistake it would be.

Here I was, fresh off the plane from a 5 week holiday though the USA and Mexico, well and truly bitten by the travel bug. Amazingly I was meeting a recruitment agency who shared the building with FCL to talk about jobs in travel. I misread the building directory in the foyer, and got off on the FCL recruitment centre floor instead. After successfully (I assume) selling Kerry Sneesby an apple (or was it a pencil, I can’t remember) I was hired!

After a couple of years in retail, thoroughly enjoying the work hard play hard culture, I made a move to a Head Office job at Intravel……selling travel….to….travel agents…… That was hard work!!! Intravel was next door to the First Point Travel Assist office. Now this place looked interesting. You ask any Flightie and they’ll say “You couldn’t pay me a million bucks to work at Assist”

Well turns out we don’t get paid a million bucks at Assist (who knew?!?) but a national support business, that has true, immediate benefits for the front end agents, AND our customers simultaneously was a place I just had to be a part of. I also saw huge growth potential and massive scope for improvement…… I saw a challenge.

So 7 years later, the business is barely recognisable, and I sure did find the challenge I was looking for. Look, I can’t say I have enjoyed every moment, there have certainly been times where it has just about beaten me, but the job satisfaction from assisting wedding parties stranded in Perth to get to a wedding that afternoon, on Monkey Mia, on Good Friday, using a plane, Helicopter and a Kingswood ute, or locating a non English speaking 10year old unaccompanied minor in Bangkok after he became ‘lost’ among the Yellow Shirt’s seizure of the Don Muang airport in 2008…… well, you tell me where else you can get that kind of job satisfaction. (That is only an example of 2 calls!)

Being employed at FCL for the past decade has allowed me to marry, have 3 beautiful children, support my family, travel, be rewarded and recognised earning 3 global ball tickets and more specifically, working in After Hours Assist has allowed me to be at home until 1530 virtually every day of my children’s lives….. hmmmmm maybe I have been paid a million bucks here?

BUT the time has come, the most glorious mistake I have made must come to an end. I guess as one last parting gift from FCL, I will shortly be taking my long service leave, and resigning. On the 1st of June, my wife and I will load the three brats into the car, hitch up a camper, and head out to explore this sunburnt little pacific island we call Australia. It might take 3 months, it might take 3 years (I might be back in 3 weeks after the kids have driven us bonkers, dropped them off somewhere on the side of the road and claimed the dingoes got our babies!) We plan to simplify life and cut it back to brass tacks, rediscover our farming roots and promote the Aussie Farmers out there struggling with increasing costs and the big supermarkets decreasing their profits as ambassadors for the “Every Family Needs a Farmer” and “Help the QLD Farmer” campaigns.

If you would like to see just how much fun living with 3 young kids, in a camper no bigger then a bathroom can be, or if you are interested in following us as we find, sample and promote some of the best Australian produce available direct from the “Farm Gate” then have a look at our blog (http://fealyfamily.wordpress.com/) where we will be documenting the shenanigans!!

Thanks Skroo for buying that bus, filling it with friends, and having the balls to drive it to Morocco! I think I am understanding some of the same feelings you may have had. Buying a camper, filling it with kids and driving it down the looooooong road round Australia.

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About Skroo Turner

Graham 'Skroo' Turner was raised near Stanthorpe, and trained as a veterinary surgeon. In 1973, he and two mates bought a couple of double-decker buses in England and began a holiday travel company, Top Deck Travel.

3 thoughts on “Farewell to Matthew Fealy – Team Leader for Corporate After Hours Assist.

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  2. Hersh Singh

    Hey Matt, it may be a cliche to say, “The earth is a sphere – so a goodbye is always a new beginning.”
    The Fealy family are all set to embark on an exciting new chapter of exploring, as u put it ‘little pacific island we call Australia’.

    Having known and worked with you for almost your whole time of 10 years at FCL especially At FC Assist, its great to see you aspiring further and working as an ambassador of “Every Family
    Needs a Farmer” and “Help the QLD Farmer” campaigns.

    Wish you, Jess and the 3 kids all the best on your way forward!!!

    Best regards,

  3. Shaun Clear

    Matt – good luck and what an experience!
    Thanks for your support while looking after CT in Victoria.
    All the best from Steamy SIngapore where I’m now plying my trade,

    Shaun Clear.


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